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Using A Planner For Projects

Daily planners are more than just your schedule of events, to-do lists, and goals to complete. You can also use it for work projects and other types of projects you want to complete. Here are some things to think about when using a planner for your project.

Home Projects

The first type of project you might use your planner for is a home or personal project. This can include anything from a home maintenance or repair to redecorating or rearranging furniture. Here are some different ideas:

Cleaning and organizing the garage.

Turning an empty room into an office or craft room.

Making a list of items to declutter from your home.

Having a to-do list for spring cleaning.

Making a schedule for what to buy for the nursery.

As you can see, there are many different home projects that a planner could be used for. These are also great when you are using a bullet journal as your planner, since there are even more opportunities for keeping it all organized.

School Projects

You can also use the planner for various school projects, whether that is for your kids’ school, saving money for your kid who is going to college soon, or for your own college education. Maybe you want to work on a budget or savings account for school, or you have some big projects coming up in one of your classes, and need to schedule when to do each part of that assignment.

Remember that a planner can be whatever you want it to be, and you have full control over what you cover, what you list, and what you track. Think of it like a more organized journal.

Work Projects

Lastly, there might be work projects that the planner could be used for. Any type of job has projects that are more easily tracked or managed with a planner or journal. Here are some ideas:

Start writing down a list for your new business plan.

Make a to-do list for setting up an online store for your business.

Use the planner for project management you have at work.

Create pro’s and con’s lists when they apply.

Managing projects is about more than just the basic steps. You need to keep in mind the end goal, the tasks needed to get there, and create a schedule for getting those tasks done efficiently and on time.


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