The Best Way To Boost Sales On Poshmark

There are many different beliefs on what is the best way to boost sales on Poshmark. Share your closet, share other people closets, have a curated closet, optimize your listings to be found on Google, etc. And actually, all these probably help. But the number ONE thing I believe that will get people buying on Poshmark is LISTING! You have to add new and fresh listings to your closet, everyday. I have absolutely no idea how the algorithm for Poshmark works, nor have I heard anyone else say either, BUT I do know with trial and error this is the formula that works for me.

The more consistently I list, the more I sell.

So what if you only have 50 items in your closet to sell and have no intention of adding more? Then you RELIST what is already there. Take your oldest listings or ones that have no likes and relist them to your closet. Poshmark makes this easy when a listing is over 60 days old, you can use the copy feature and it shows it as a brand new listing! Just make sure to change the title in the post to eliminate the "Copy" in the title. Don't know how old your listing are? Pull an Inventory Report and it will tell you how many days your listing has been on the platform.

Now what if you don't want to wait the 60 days and you want to relist before that? You would have to delete the listing manually and relist it manually. And who knows where those pictures are you used the first time? No problem, but when you have several you want to do, it can become time consuming. The best way around this, to be able to delist and resist, cross-list ( if you are on Mercari, Ebay, etc as well) at record speed is to sign up for Vendoo.

Vendoo is a Google Chrome Extension that will allow you to cross list all of your items from one platform to another in record time. As of now it can be used on Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, Etsy, Depop, Kidizen, Grailed, Tradesy and Facebook Marketplace. They are constantly upgrading the app so it keeps getting more efficient.

Check it out here for a Free Trial

The first day I used it I had $200 increase in sales in the next 2 days from relisting and crosslisting from Poshmark to Mercari! Talk about return on investment!

With their tiered price structure you only pay for what you need. You can upgrade and downgrade monthly to fit your needs. I do however recommend you get the delist/relist feature added on. It will be worth it!

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