How To Spring Clean & Earn Some Money

Who is ready for some spring cleaning? Or at least a spring clean

out? And even better, what if you could clean out and earn some extra money as the same time? What?? Yes you can clean your space and make it a simple side hustle!

I am sure that most of us have a closet that is busting at the seams. Clothes that are no longer in style, a dress you wore for a special occasion that has hanging around for 2 years, a purse you are tired off, shoes that were bought on sale but you never wore? Any of this sound familiar?

I know, who wants to drag all that stuff out and put it in bags or boxes, carry it to the car, drive it to the donation center, unload it. Or more accurately : Put in bags/boxes, leave them in the corner of your bedroom, 3 months later put in car, drive around with bags and boxes in your car for 3 more months until you drop off at donation center. Guilty.

What if you could take item out of closet, snap a couple of pics with your phone, type a few words about it, assign a price and them ship them out and get paid. All from the comfort of your home!

Poshmark is a great place to upload your clothes, accessories, shoes, home goods and unopened beauty items. All you really need is your phone.

It is super easy to download the Poshmark app and Sign Up. ( Use KERRISHOPS For a $10 Credit).

After you sign up all you need to do is:

  1. Decide on the item or items you want to sell

  2. Take a few photos of the item, such as front, back, the tag etc.

  3. Type in the title of the item. Make sure to add the brand, style, and color

  4. Write a brief description of item ( if its new, gently used, size, fabric content, any flaws)

  5. Put in size color and brand

  6. Decide the price of your item and if you want to include a shipping discount incentive.

  7. And List!

Then when someone buys your item, Poshmark will provide a pre paid and addressed label for you to ship it to your customer. You just have to put in a box or mailer ( you get free supplies at the post office!) and either take to your post office or arrange for them to pick it up ( or leave in your box for pick up depending on size of package and size of your mailbox).

Poshmark will take 20% off the purchase price of you item as their fee. Anything under $15 is a flat $2.95 fee. Keep this in mind when pricing your items, as well as the fact that most people shopping on the app want some kind of “deal” as well, such as 10% or 20% off of your listing price. Or discounted shipping. So price accordingly!

You can track on your app when the buyer receives their item and they have 3 days to decide if they are keeping the item or not. After the 3 days, Poshmark will pay you! Your balance can then be used to purchase items on Poshmark or transfer it to your bank account!!

It really is that easy and so exciting when you get a notification that you have sold an item!

This is really a brief overview, but it will get you started!! If you are interested in a deeper dive into how to be profitable on Poshmark sign up for my newsletter and receive a FREE Poshmark template bundle to get you started!!

Happy Poshing!