Getting Started On Poshmark

Whether you use Poshmark to clean out that closet that has been busting at the seams to earn some new shoe money or as your full time hustle, there are some ways to make the process go a lot faster. I am somewhere between the overflowing closet and making Posh my full-time gig.

I am in no way an expert on Poshmark but I do believe in doing research and invoking a little trial and error to figure stuff out. When I decided to sell some things on Poshmark I started gathering all the information I could find thru social media posts, You Tube and podcasts. I took bits and pieces from each article, video and audio I could find and started on my way. I had actually signed up for Posh a couple of years ago when I was in search for the perfect pair of Valentino Rock Stud Pumps (which I still haven't found, but continue to look) but didn't consider selling until 6 months ago. I had a surplus of samples from a direct selling company I was part of and with in-person gatherings screeching to a halt in 2020, I decided to list my products on Poshmark to see how that would work. And I sold my first item in 24 hours and was hooked. I have since added many items to my Poshmark Closet!

I have a resource to help you get started! It is a template to help you organize your description of your listing so when you go to list it on Poshmark, it will be up and for sell in seconds!

Get it here


What is your goal with your Poshmark journey? Check back here for more tips and tricks to help you make the most sales possible!!