A Simple Thank You Goes A Long Way

A simple "Thank You" goes along way! I remember the first job I got in retail right after college. It was a brand new department store for our area, in a brand new mall.

The owner of the store came for our Grand Opening and gave us a great heartfelt speech. And that day he said one thing that has always stayed with me even many years later.

You always thank your customer, they shouldn't have to thank you.

I mean it seems pretty simple. But in the years since it has come to my attention not all businesses, stores or restaurants share this same simple but effective philosophy. ​

So many times I have grabbed a bag from a drive up window and said "Thank You" to be greeted by a curt 'mmm hmm'.

Or in a store after being given my purchase saying "Thank You " to be greeted with a "Your Welcome". Which isn't horrible, but again the customer needs to be thanked. Time and time again. Without your customer base there is no business. Period. ​ People want to feel appreciated, that their hard earned money is being appreciated and really it isn't too much too ask.

If you don't already, I encourage you to include a Thank You Note in your packages you send out for your resell business. Just a simple note or card. It could be the difference between a bad rating and a good one, and whether you get a return customer!

You could include your social media information to help increase your followers or include a discount code to encourage repeat buyers!

I have created some Thank You Postcards that you can edit with your own shop or closet name, include social media information and/or a discount code. They are editable with a Free Canva account and can be downloaded to be printed off by you or taken to your favorite print shop. You can even have them printed with Canva for an additional cost. Use this code at checkout for 10% Off email10. And feel free to share the code with anyone you know who may be interested!

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