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Want to learn to create this Notebook in minutes?

With The Express Digital Notebook Template for Keynote you can create many of Digital Notebooks in minutes to use or sell!! 

Express Digital Planner Template For Keynote! (7).png

Creating a Digital Notebook has never been easier!

mockup express notebook template (3).png

The Express Digital Notebook Template

Any Notebook you create comes with Commercial use privileges so you can sell them in your shop, start a shop, or use in your current coaching business as an asset for your course or workshop!

There are so many possibilities! 



  • You will receive a template for a digital notebook to be designed in Keynote.

  • Video and Workbook Instructions

  • You will be able to customize the cover, tabs & font

  • Includes Gold Digital Binder Rings

  • Shape and Text Styles already created in Keynote to make this a truly Express experience.

  • Learn how to and where to choose your color palette and design elements for your notebook.

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